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Fermentation stories and updates in the media.

Paleo Pierogies with Kraut and Sausage!

Paleo Pierogies with Kraut and Polish Sausage OLD SCHOOL POLISH COMFORT FOOD, PALEO STYLE! Who doesn’t love dumplings? In Poland, dumplings are known as the “Pierogie.” We love Polish food so we decided to make Paleo Pierogies Sauerkraut Polish Sausage. Teton Waters Ranch Polish Sausage and Pickled Planet Sauerkraut helped us out with the ingredients and our chef […]

Too big is just too BIG!

So since Syngenta and Monsatanto were not allowed to merge, thank the mysteries, now Bayer is making a play for Monsanto. If this merger happens the sky will fall and chickens will fly again, but only because they’d be Genetically modified to do so. But seriously, if there is anything that can be done to […]

CDC Admits That Anti Salt Hysteria is All Hype

I know many people shy away from krauts and pickles because their Dr. said to watch the salt intake…i’ve always kinda rolled my eyes at the saltaphobes but you can’t argue with doctors advice. So how happy was I when the Center for Disease Control announced that salt is beautiful! Very happy indeed…so get out […]

On Your Plate In 2013: KimChi

News Fash: Even NPR agrees on fermented foods an emerging food trend! http://www.npr.org/2012/12/30/168276434/on-your-plate-in-2013-expect-kimchi-and-good-for-you-greens

Prop 37: Your Right to Know

The recent ballot initiative in California to label all products containing GMOs has quite a few opponents and money against it, good thing money is free speech to a corporation. Not. Follow link to follow the money. Happy pickle season!

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