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Live Sauerkraut

Calling our Pickled Planet kraut a live sauerkraut is a way of saying we don’t kill the little guys who do all the heavy lifting. These guys are full of living lactic acid bacteria who preserve, enhance, and super charge the cabbage and other veggies. In a cold environment, like your refrigerator, the lactic bacteria lie dormant while hosting on the cabbage, preserving it for you, for about a year.

The words live food and raw food are both used frequently by many people to describe what ever their perception of them is. Both theoretically contain enzymes because raw food refers to un-cooked food, and enzymes cannot tolerate high heat.

Live food refers to food that is some how woken up. Think of seed soaked to become sprouts. Pickled Planet Kim Chee contains vegetables colonized with lacto bacteria. Not only do these guys preserve the cabbage, but they promote healthy intestinal flora when you eat our live sauerkraut regularly.

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Pickled Planet Sauerkraut