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In case you are someone who peruses SM and find yourself at our website, you may notice our SM feeds have gone almost completely dark since the summer of 2020. I am sorry for this lack of posting… there are many factors that go into how I allocate my time as the main voice of the brand, and the founder, the CEO, CFO, COO and main sales strategist, not to mention our lead in key purchasing and our best fork lift operator. I suppose the long list of my roles at PP is enough to ‘splain our SM absence.

I feel like our products speak for themselves anyway, once you eat them. Good luck getting the flavor out of your head, or the amazing feeling you get from eating them. LOL

But seriously, I do my best to keep volatile ideas and such out of the way for all our customers who likely come from very diverse backgrounds, be they economic or cultural. As a champion of “food as medicine” since being a youth with a medical condition that food and supplements cured, I have long recognized there is a battle going on for the hearts and minds in the market place of ideas, food, medicine, and information.

Censoring information that is counter to the narrative big pharma, big Ag, and big medicine are using to peddle their goods and dominate a market is not kosher for me… and that is exactly what SM began doing in the summer of 2020.

Imagine if suddenly any posts that had to do with organic or regenerative agriculture were suddenly deemed “harmful” to certain communities ? How is that any different than those pertaining to natural immune system processes, or legacy medicines that no longer have patents so can be made and sold for pennies per dose? or Vitamins… If doctors are using them and they are working… what is the harm in sharing the information?

Where does it leave fermented foods and how they improve our over all health via pro-biotics’ role in our intestines, guarding the doorways to our blood? How many times are those benefits mentioned without any double blind clinical trials to prove their veracity?

I agree with needing to censor child porn and legitimate hate speech, or overt threats and bullying, but censoring people who are sharing opinion about food and medicine, or lifestyle choices, or science, is very dangerous to the discourse and evolution of humanity

Imagine if a phone call was interrupted by your cell phone carrier bc you were having a conversation it deemed to be misinformation?

It is made even worse when the government gets involved, as it has over the past couple years, going so far as to make a DHS “disinformation governance board.” How Orwellian can the gov’t get before something is said? We do have a Constitution and Bill of Rights specifically protecting our freedom of speech, amongst other ways it specifically outlines the powers our government has and how to execute them, and what is reserved for the states, and for the people, and what powers the govt does not have.

Yes SM are private clubs essentially, but they are also platforms for speech and, like phone companies, are given special concessions bc they do not actually control the content on their networks so they are not liable for what is published or talked about on them, IE not sued for liable.

So anyway, hopefully anyone that is a PP fan, can take a STAN for freedom of speech, and considering they are choosing to buy an organic fermented food that is specifically going against the narrative of the Big Pharma/Big Ag machine, that pushes GMOs, destroys our bodies and the soil, and wants people to be in a depleted state of health and dependent on their patent medicines and expensive procedures, I would have to assume you support sharing info about holistic health and lifestyles that can be accessible to as many as possible. Power to the People !

Founder’s log- star date 2022

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