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Our fermented foods are packed with loving hands, great music, and even better vibes, and all kinds of live pro-biotic goodness. They sell in many retailers across the country.

Some of our bigger chain store retail partners are as follows


Natural Grocers- All States west of Mississippi River

Whole Foods Market- Pacific NW and SoCal/AZ/HI

Raleys- N. California

Earth Fare- South East/Mid South

The Fresh Market- MidWest, MidSouth, South, North East

Heinen’s- Cleveland and Chicago

Plum Market- Michigan and Beyond

Lassens, Lazy Acres, & Mothers Markets, Whole Foods- LA and O. County

Safeway, Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Market of Choice & New Season’s Market- Oregon

Quality Food Center, Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Huckleberrys Market, Haggens- Washington

Heaps of independent grocery stores, coops, and natural food stores all over the country in all regions except New England.

You can always email us and let us know where you’d like to see us selling, or where you can find us, but asking your local grocery store if they can get it is the best way to begin the conversation… then contact us


There are also 2 ways to get our fermented food products online. One is called Wild Mountain Paleo Market, an online store that ships anywhere in the country in three days. Another way is Azure Standard, a small distributor that serves almost every state, selling to small groups and individuals via buying club memberships.

If you live near us in Southern Oregon, or are visiting the area, we are open on a very limited basis. We have a “heavy users club” that allows people to buy a membership and get discount prices and return their jars for re-use, but only for 1 hour per week. Folks are encouraged to drop off their used jars anytime they want though or mail them back, for re-use. Please inquire with us about visiting or being part of the private club. : )


Please contact us to arrange a special shipment, or if you’d like to sell Pickled Planet Sauerkraut in your area.

Bulk Sale Sauerkraut

For our local customers we offer membership in our bulk club. For $10 per 6 months, you can join and come to our weekly sale to buy our products at discount. This saves the world lots of packaging waste and we pass the savings on to our club members.  $5-7 per pound for most of our products.

Our Bulk Kraut is available by the pound, and depending on availability, also available in 2 gallon buckets you can bring home and package yourself.


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