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My apologies for such uninformed reporting and long lag of getting the news right. I guess I’m still a little too busy to really cover things I’m interested in here, soon come God willing.

I sort of thought it seemed an un-agency like thing to do, actually control industry and keep them from externalizing the cost of their wasteful ways onto the rest of the planet. There is little hope for those of us that care about this beautiful biosphere, but stay faithful and stay healthy.

So the real story is that the FDA IS NOT putting proper controls on non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in animal feed, but they did make one small, tiny, step, most likely to obfuscate the more atrocious act of abandoning all efforts to do so. Follow links if you want to know…

What’s really happening with the antibiotic usage in feed:

This one for EPA rule that would require cafo’s to at least report simple data about how many animals, amount of discharge etc.
READ MORE: http://action.foodandwaterwatch.org/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=9135

In a recent twist, a federal judge in NY handed down a decision that will at least force the FDA to “look at the issue” again. Doing this was first mandated in 1977, when they were alerted to the dangers of the practice, but of course they did almost nothing in 35 years. Check this blog at Wired for the story by breaking reporter.
READ MORE: www.wired.com/wiredscience/2012/03/breaking-judge-fda/

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