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Thank you to everyone for shopping direct with us over the winter months. Since we can only ship our sauerkraut seasonally, our lanes are temporarily closed through Spring/Summer 2011.

Our Original Sauerkraut Flavors are still available to order online from Azure Standard if you're in a state west of the Mississippi, and for any of our specialty krauts, you can always stop into our shop at 225 Water Street in Ashland to sample all our delicious flavors.

Also, you can look for Pickled Planet Sauerkraut on the shelves of fine food and grocery stores throughout Oregon and northern California. And even better if you live nearby, we offer regular local bulk sales out of our kitchen in Ashland, OR.

Thanks again and happy shopping.

*New* Organic Herbal Sauerkraut Flavors

[IMG] Aralia Herbal Kraut

Aralia Kraut

Aralia is our local ginseng family plant whose leaves are nutrient-rich, high in protein, & help with nutrient assimilation. These majestic plants grace the understory with gentle and elegant leaves and hauntingly beautiful flowers. The unique flavor of this plant makes our kraut a party in your mouth.

[IMG] Spring Greens Herbal Kraut

Spring Greens

Every spring the sun comes and the earth awakens with an ephemeral expression of vital spring growth. These greens are rich in nutrients that aid in purifying and toning our body systems. We've fermented and preserved these wild weeds while at their peak so you can enjoy them all year.

[IMG] Herbal Nettle Kraut

Nettle Kraut

Milarepa was able to survive his long retreat by eating nothing but nettles. Wether you flog each other, drink them in tea or eat them, these amazing botanical helpers are an essential part of human existence. We bring this nutrient dense plant to you, enhanced by a bacterial infusion of love.

Available in 2 flavors:
Kumquat, Ginger, & Dandelion with Orange Zest
Magenta Lamb's Quarter, Leek, & Lemon Zest

[IMG] Burdock and Berries Herbal Kraut

Burdock & Berries

Every autumn the fuits ripen and the frost comes, concentrating the summers vital energies into the berries and roots. This cleansing tonic for the liver and kidney prepares you for the winter, loaded with flavanoids, vitamin C, and antiviral constituents.


*Original* Organic Live Sauerkraut Flavors

[IMG] Great Plain Sauerkraut

Great Plain Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut the old school way. We shred fresh cabbage with our high grade salt and let the little guys do the rest. Great with so many things we lost track...let us know your strangest or favorite use for the all American original. The quarterback of kraut!

[IMG] Kim Chee Sauerkraut

Kim Chee

Our hybrid take on the tradition with carrots, daikon radish, ginger, garlic, and some heat. Fermented as long as Sauerkraut is and using regular cabbage, this is a marvelous marriage of the two traditions

"Put the zing in your zen!"

[IMG] Beat Kraut

Beat Kraut

One of our best selling and most versatile sauerkrauts. We have combined fresh red cabbage with beets, carrots, and a hint of caraway. This is great with any cheese and cracker plate, the fresh flavor and caraway clear the palate for the next course of cheese. Fantastic with red meat, lamb and a phenom in sandwiches. Makes the rubiest of reubens!

[IMG] Dill E gent

Dill E Gent

Fresh cabbage with plenty of garlic, a hint of dill and the remaining host of pickle spices like pepper corn, mustard seed, and coriander. Try this with your favorite sausage dish, potatoes, fish, or a little havarti cheese. Don't be afraid of the dill, we experimented for years to get just the right amount for it to be a nuance instead of a nucence.

[IMG] Veda Kraut

Veda Kraut

Named after the 5,000 year old Veda texts which are the basis for much of India's traditional medicine and religion. Whole curry spices are mixed with fresh cabbage in perfect balance for a full flavor without any hot peppers, garlic, or onion. This delivers a tri-dosha (Three doshas in vedic medicine, means anyone can eat it) kraut that is the perfect condiment with an Indian meal or if you just want a little indian flavor with a western meal. Delicious served in bowl of any soup for a sour curry soup. Try it with a plain squash soup and you'll taste what we mean. Namaste!

[IMG] Velvet Sea Gourmet Kraut

Velvet Sea

Our nod to all things Japaneses and oh so delicious, mmm... We combine fresh cabbage with burdock (known as gobo in the land of the red sun), fresh diced ginger, and two kinds of Japanese sea weed, hijiki and arame. The slaw that results is great with fish, in salads, a side dish with most meals, a solo snack, or of course in a sandwich. Don't be surprised if you're reaching for the Sea more than twice a week and be glad. You'll be healthy and wise with a belly full of naturally beneficial pro-biotics. Relax and Enjoy.


Our organic sauerkraut is also available for purchase online @ Azure Standard year round.
Azure Standard -

Also, you can look for Pickled Planet Sauerkraut on the shelves of fine food and grocery stores throughout Oregon and northern California. And even better if you live nearby, we offer regular local bulk sales out of our kitchen in Ashland, OR.

Where to Buy Pickled Planet Sauerkraut Locally

  • Ashland, OR
    • Shop 'n Kart
    • Ashland Co-Op
    • Market of Choice
  • Cave Junction, OR
    • Taylor's Country Store
    • Cabin Chemistry
  • Eugene, OR
    • Market of Choice Stores
    • Willakenzie
    • Wilamette
    • Franklin
    • Sundance Natural Foods
    • Capella's Market
  • Grants Pass, OR
    • Goose Berries
    • Farmers Market Store
  • Grants Valley, OR
    • Mother Truckers
  • Jacksonville, OR
    • Gary West Meats Taste Room
  • Klamath Falls, OR
    • Howard’s Meats
  • Medford, OR
    • Food 4 Less
    • Health Mart (Located in the Winco shopping center)
  • Portland, OR
    • People's Coop
    • Food Front Coop (both stores)
    • W.Linn Market of Choice
    • Whole Foods
    • Pearl
    • Freemont
    • Lauerlhurst
    • Milplain
    • Bridgeport
  • Roseburg, OR
    • New Day Grocery
  • Ruch, OR
    • Ruch Country Store
  • Salem, OR
    • Life Source Natural Foods
  • Talent, OR
    • Tark's Market
  • Williams, OR
    • Williams General Store
  • Arcata, CA
    • North Coast Coop
    • Wildberries
  • Chico, CA
    • Chico Natural Foods
    • S & S Produce
  • Eureka, CA
    • Eureka Natural Foods
    • North Coast Coop
  • Los Angeles, CA
    • Asla Vista Coop - Santa Barbra
    • Mother's chain - Orange County, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Laguna Woods
    • Natures Mart - Silver Lake, LA
    • Rainbow Bridge - Ojai Erewhon, W. Hollywood
    • and soon in Santa Monica Co-op, Rawsome, and Whole Foods all over
  • Mt. Shasta, CA
    • Berryvale Grocery
    • Mt. Song Natural Foods

Please contact us to arrange a special shipment, or if you'd like to sell Pickled Planet Sauerkraut in your area.

Bulk Sale Sauerkraut

For our local customers we offer membership in our bulk food preservation club. For $5 per year you can join and come to our twice monthly sale with your own jars and buy our products by weight. This saves the world lots of packaging waste and we pass the labor savings on to our club members. $5-6 per pound for most of our products. This will eventually morph into a CSA type of deal but for preserved foods instead of farmers produce. I believe it is the first of it's kind, though there are CSKs that deal with nutrient dense foods, here is a link to one [http://threestonehearth.com/vision].

Most of our raw organic sauerkraut is available seasonally, and our flavors vary from time to time. We will try to keep this page updated with what we have on hand, but often times we've got brand new flavors that haven't made it onto this webpage yet. Even more reason to stop in and visit us at our kitchen during the Bulk Sauerkraut Sales. Our Bulk Kraut is available by the pound, and depending on availability, up to 3.5 gallon buckets.

Stop in and see us at 225 Water St., in Ashland, just across from the Skate Park. Or contact us for information about joining the Bulk Kraut Club.

Seasonal Fermented Flavors

Liberty Cabbage

Liberty Cabbage

Cabbage w/ caraway seeds.

Makes a great rueben and reminds us all of what we called kraut here in the US during WWII, ala "freedom fries."

Coming Soon

Love Kraut

Delicious blend of red cabbage, carrots, califlower, and burdock root, flavored with cumin and corriander seed. It has a beautiful pink color that lights up any plate and the cumin and corriander have a mild warming effect on the body.

Mo Rockin'

Mo' Rockin'

Our newest kid on the block, made with cabbage, carrots, broccoli, garlic, and Moroccan spices. Lemon-ey and mildly hot with cumin too, you can't find a more interesting combo in fermented foods.

Great to pair with and awsome as a snack - Rock the Casbah!

Traditional Taco Stand Pickles

Traditional Taco Stand Pickles

Carrots, onion, halapeno, (and jicama when we find it organic). This is just like what you find at taco stands all over, but we ferment instead of using vinegar so you get the probiotic/predigested benefit.

It is hot so watch out!

Coming Soon

Full Sour Cucumbers

The deli classic - but ours are 100% Organic! Made using our high grade Himalayan salt.

32 fl. oz.


Coming Soon

Half Sour Cucumbers

The deli classic - but ours are 100% Organic! Made using our high grade Himalayan salt.

32 fl. oz.


Coming Soon

Traditional Kim Chi

Napa cabbage, green onion, garlic, ginger, Himalayan salt, Spicy Peppers.

This is the grocery store classic, made organically of course. Simple but delicious.

Chunky Style Kim Chi

Chunky Style
Traditional Kim Chi

Made with napa cabbage, sliced carrots, cubed daikon, green onion, garlic, spicy peppers, and real salt.

Chunky style traditional kim chi with more than just cabbage and green onion. Short ferment time.

Dilly Beans

Dilly Beans

Crunchy and garlic-ey, great snack or side dish for lunch and dinner.

Get your pro-biotics, ruffage, and protein all at once!

Taqueria Mix Pickles

Taqueria Mix Pickles

Our taqueria pickle is the standard taco stand pickle, only ours are fermented and full of all those life giving enzymes and probiotics.

Spice up your plate with some love from south of the border!